Friday, April 20, 2012

whats in my bag!!!

What is in my bag??

   I just realized that I posted the purse that I'm carrying back in August of last year.  I was so happy this morning when I was able to take it out of the handbag closet and use it today.  I had bought this one late summer last year when fall was about to come in so I only used it for like three weeks.  I also noticed that many of you asked about the Micheal Kors purse and their quality well I am In love, I have about five of them and they are so well made.  For example this one and was skeptical about purchasing it because I paid around $300 and I thought it would not last very long being that it was a straw bag and all.   But I really liked it so I pulled that bullet and purchased it last year.  This year I took it out and is still in new condition and they are still on trend for this summer (extra points).  I highly recommend Micheal Kors Purses they last forever I bought my first MK like eight years ago and I still use it.  Oh and before I forget I absolutely love their lining.  The lining is made out of some soft cotton-linen material that I just love it feels so earthy...I'm in love.

So the post is about what is in my bag???
 (I've always wanted to do these because I always wonder what other people carry in their bags)

A peek of what my purse looks like when it is filled with personal belongings.

Everything that is inside my purse minus my cellphone which I used to take pictures.

List of Items:
-Coach sunglasses
-pink tape measure (good for shopping on-line)-upcoming post
-classic ipod
-Nikon S8100 Camera
-everyday touch up make up
-coach wallet-black leather
-extra battery for camera
-black cross pen
-compact Las Vegas mirror
-green notebook -bright ideas and to keep creativeness
-Versace eyeglasses

   This wallet is my ultimate favorite wallet I bought because it basically goes with every purse with a black undertone and I also bought one in brown for my brown purses.  Wallets tend to be very expensive and its hard to buy both the wallet and the purse I do sometimes however splurge on both but when I don't I must say I have this two that go with every purse.  I spent roughly $350 on this black wallet and I do not regret I can use it with almost any purse.

Coach wallet

    As a blogger I always carry a camera around but it is hard to carry my dslr everywhere because it is so big.  So I recently upgraded by Sony cybershot to this Nikon S8100 and its small enough to fit in my purse, I can leave my dslr in the car and just take pics with my smaller camera in an emergency.  If you like to blog I advise that you always have a camera with you its perfect for instantaneous inspiration.  On that note I also always have my inspirational notebook.  I loved this green plain notebook that I purchased at the world market.  If an idea comes to mind I pull it out and just write it down. 

Nikon S8100

Notepad and Cross pen in black

 ipod classic

Coach sunglasses

Versace prescribed eyeglasses 

clear toiletries/makeup bag or essentials bag
(a separate blog post for this)

*all pictures were taken with my iphone which is also in my purse on a daily basis.

     This is all I carry in my purse almost everyday.   Please note that this purse is smaller than what I carry on a regular basis some things have been omitted.  I would also like to know whats inside your purse do share in the comments below.
Sparkle Always,
Rosalba Suarez

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


     I have a confession to make I have been experiencing what I like to call a Personal Fashion Block, yes kind of like writers block but this is a Personal Fashion Block.  What is a Personal Fashion Block?  Its when nothing that is in your closet is speaking to you at the moment.  I say Personal because I can style just about anyone around me except myself these days.  I have no problem creating outfits for other people but I cannot seem to create anything that I like for me.  I have amazing skills at dressing up my teenage nieces, my older sisters, my mother, friends and just about anyone that calls me but at this time in my life not me.   I don't know if any of you readers have experienced this but is an awful feeling.  My go to outfits lately are blazers and skinny pants makes me look polished and put together. 
       I have made my own therapy sessions by making inspirational boards, reading blogs, fashion magazines and it really has helped me. I have decided to do just that post on what is currently inspiring me, it might be a blog, a celebrity, woman of power  I know my creative side is there I just have to find my center which is what im working with.
   Wow this post has been in my drafts for a couple of months now and I have finally decided to post it but with good news.  My personal fashion block has come back!  I would like to thank God and the universe for allowing me to visualize my style and back to rocking it.   I am also thankful for the all the bloggers out there that have helped in getting out of the rut by posting great fashion trends and inspirations.  I have a list of themes that I am working on and will now be posting on a regular basis.  Thank you so much for reading and your patience.  I would like to recommend a blog that I love and follow, ninistyle by Nini Nguyen.  I believe she was the first blog that I began to read and was hooked immediatly, by reading her blog I know she has a great vision and a special heart.  Please visit her blog she is amazing she also has her own clothing line which is available on her link.

P.S. I will be posting more this week and I have not forgotten the giveaway I had promised be in the lookout. 

Love you guys!!!

Sparkle Always,
Rosalba Suarez