Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday 3-Things

With the beginning of a new week I always like to start by being grateful and happy for 3 things they could be personal belongings or simply health.  This week has been crazy and I am excited that my blog is going by well and is taking its shape, I want to thank the readers who have taken time to read my blog.  Thank you!!!!


     A Zumba fitness class that I start tomorrow with 2 of my sisters and my nephew's girlfriend.  On our way to better bodies and healthy minds!!!  

                 My new Micheal Kors straw tote, perfect for summer and to freshen up office attire.

                                            I will be celebrating a month being Diet Coke free!!!   :)

These are three small things that I am grateful for to begin this week, I thank God every morning for all that I have and for what I lack as well.  What are you thankful for?

Sparkle Always,
Rosalba Suarez

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The girl on a budget.....

     With the economy the way it is going either you are broke or being frugal.   Last week I went shopping for household items at Wal-Mart while browsing I saw a large section of t-shirts that were priced down to $4.00 from $5.00, being the one that is a compulsive shopper i bought one.  My sister was with me and she looked at me like I was crazy, however I already had in mind how I was going to wear it.  My plans on how to wear were soon changed as soon as I saw a a beautiful silk scarf for only $4.88, by this time my sister really thought I was delirious.  Not caring I went for the purchase and made my way to pay and leave the store very happy.

    On Monday I immediately wore those two items together without one doubt that the outfit would not work.  I paired these two great finds with a pair of white wide leg trousers, brown blazer and a pair of navy open shoes with a wooden heel that have an awesome button on the side. 

                                      (blazer is not photographed due to it being at the cleaners)

   The final touches to an outfit are the accessories and I used these and my awesome coach summer purse!

   The magic of making heads turn while wearing in outfit has nothing to do with brands or price tag its all about pairing them with the right clothes.  If you are currently going through financial problems be assured that it does not matter where you buy your clothes its about using creativity to mix your pieces and confidence in yourself!   

On this post:
T-Shirt - White Stag (Wal-Mart)
Scarf - George (Wal-Mart)
Trousers - GAP
Blazer - Zara
Shoes - Zinc
Watch - Gucci
Pearls - Helzberg & Kay Jewelers
Bangles - 14K unknown vendor
Over sized Ring - 14k pink gold -unknown vendor
Astrological Chain -unknown vendor



Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little generosity, goes a long way!!!

     I have been letting God speak to me a lot this week, and since Monday he has been speaking to me about being generous.   I realized it today that it was God speaking to me on this subject by social media of twitter and tumblr, he said it's time to give liberally.  I started thinking okay but I give everything I help people I give to the church so what else it was then when I realized that he was not talking monetary giving, he was speaking to me in giving it all.

   On Monday morning I was scrolling through some tweets and while going through them a tweet from Diane Von Furstenberg (@DVF is her twitter account, follow her) caught my attention and I felt chills running through my back.   The tweet said "Generosity is the best investment, color your life with beautiful thoughts" -Love Diane.  First thing I did was get my little inspirations book out and automatically wrote it down for further reflection.  She says that generosity if the best investment, what a powerful and true statement, as we can see in the bible in the book of Luke chapter 6 verse 38.  It  says "Give, and it will be given to you.  Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.  For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you" what she tweeted was exactly what the bible says about being generous.

     Then this morning I go on to read DKNY PR GIRL'S Tumblr (@dkny is her twitter account) and I found an article that was about being generous.  This article was more explicit into what kind of generosity she was talking about she was talking about compliments.  How we should give out compliments when they are deserved not keep them and be jealous, that it returns a joy sort of like winning a million bucks.   

     See sometime we are so involved in our own little world that we don't even have time to stop and thank the lady who is giving us our change at the gas station or smile at the little girl who is loving our shoes.  God was talking about being generous at my job in what I do, do more than what is required and be generous to others, my loved ones and to myself.  He says that giving is an investment and we must share what I have.  I tell you if you want to live a plentiful satisfied life give generously.  Sometimes you may think you do not have anything to give but God is saying start giving away acts of kindness.  Give away as much smiles as you can, the more smiles you give away the more you will receive and in return many windows will open in many areas in your life.

 Lets all be generous the world needs it!!!

Itching for Fall....

     With all the buzz about NYFW we can only say Fall is just around the corner, I don't know about you but I am just itching for fall to get here.  The weather here in Texas has been over 100 degrees F, and the thought of fall weather puts a smile in my face (OK honestly I'm not sure if its the weather but the clothes for sure).  I love Fall during this time you can wear clothes that automatically just makes you look put together.  Even the fall scenery is beautiful with leaves turning yellow orange and the way they just fall perfectly on the street makes the morning run just a bit more appealing.  In all reality its just mid summer and fall weather will not be here until mid September! 

     So for us fashion obsessed what do we do with fall advertising's teasing us on all the fall clothing?  We incorporate it to our summer wardrobe until the much anticipated fall arrives!  In this post I will be giving you some ideas on how to wear summer pieces and fall pieces for work and play.

     The plaid blazer has been on my radar for the past 3 weeks and I seem to have found the perfect on one at h&m, its affordable, chic and in style!

     This h&m plaid blazer is so versatile it could be worn to the office to keep you looking sharp all day long. I would definitely wear with a brown pencil skirt underneath this vintage inspired t-shirt all from Zara and add these amazing Ralph Lauren loafer pumps. 

 This blazer can also be worn to go out for brunch with friends, a day of running errands or on a sweet movie nights with your main squeeze.  For this types of outings I would pair it with some H&M shorts, DKNY t-shirt and Aldo flat oxofords


      For those summer nights where it starts to become chilly at night you can pair both of these outfits with these boots found at Aldo.

      Finally an outfit is only complete unless you have the perfect accessories to go with it.  I have found these items to go with both outfits first the blogger favorite Micheal Kors watch, second these earrings and bracelet from Forever 21 and lastly a killer bag like this one found at Coach.

Have a happy weather transitioning!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gods faithfulness is Forever..........

    I have been reminded of God's faithfulness for two days now.  Yesterday while at home my nephew who is an awesome guy was showing us this video featuring Marcos Witt's 25 commemorative, its a christian video and God really spoke to me then and there.  The whole video was nice it wasn't until it got to the part where he starts singing a song that states that God has been faithful to him that even when his life was in turbulence he saw how faithful God was and how he carried him and how he is now where he is regardless of the situation.  I  literally started to hear him tell me I am faithful regardless of what your situation is or what you have done, I am still God.  My family was all there watching with us but I could feel how God was speaking to me directly and I could not hold my tears and a sense of joy that I had not felt in a long time.   I got me thinking of my life in general and of how bad I sometimes think it is but he tells me that he is there all I have to do is look up.
     Today when I went into work I turn up my classic 80g i-pod and there again a song that reminds me of Gods faithfulness.  I wondered why God keeps reminding me of his faithfulness and automatically the holy spirit directs and shows me why.  I could feel him telling me you have been so enclosed in all that is going around your needs your family needs that you fail to see what I am doing or you fail to trust in me.  Talking about a knot in my throat, I started thinking have I really lost the trust in God.  I think I have I relied on me and what I know I can do and stress over things that I have absolutely no control over.  I felt sad and shameful and asked  God for complete forgiveness because he is faithful and is bigger than my mountain.
     Today God has told me that he is the window that he will keep his promises and will make them pass in my life.  I have failed God, we all have but God is forever faithful.  If you too have failed to see his faithfulness in your life today I am here to remind you that...God is forever FAITHFUL!