Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little generosity, goes a long way!!!

     I have been letting God speak to me a lot this week, and since Monday he has been speaking to me about being generous.   I realized it today that it was God speaking to me on this subject by social media of twitter and tumblr, he said it's time to give liberally.  I started thinking okay but I give everything I help people I give to the church so what else it was then when I realized that he was not talking monetary giving, he was speaking to me in giving it all.

   On Monday morning I was scrolling through some tweets and while going through them a tweet from Diane Von Furstenberg (@DVF is her twitter account, follow her) caught my attention and I felt chills running through my back.   The tweet said "Generosity is the best investment, color your life with beautiful thoughts" -Love Diane.  First thing I did was get my little inspirations book out and automatically wrote it down for further reflection.  She says that generosity if the best investment, what a powerful and true statement, as we can see in the bible in the book of Luke chapter 6 verse 38.  It  says "Give, and it will be given to you.  Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.  For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you" what she tweeted was exactly what the bible says about being generous.

     Then this morning I go on to read DKNY PR GIRL'S Tumblr (@dkny is her twitter account) and I found an article that was about being generous.  This article was more explicit into what kind of generosity she was talking about she was talking about compliments.  How we should give out compliments when they are deserved not keep them and be jealous, that it returns a joy sort of like winning a million bucks.   

     See sometime we are so involved in our own little world that we don't even have time to stop and thank the lady who is giving us our change at the gas station or smile at the little girl who is loving our shoes.  God was talking about being generous at my job in what I do, do more than what is required and be generous to others, my loved ones and to myself.  He says that giving is an investment and we must share what I have.  I tell you if you want to live a plentiful satisfied life give generously.  Sometimes you may think you do not have anything to give but God is saying start giving away acts of kindness.  Give away as much smiles as you can, the more smiles you give away the more you will receive and in return many windows will open in many areas in your life.

 Lets all be generous the world needs it!!!


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  2. Nice writing! I wish I had a skill to write that long. You are doing great! Good luck to you on everything!



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