Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gods faithfulness is Forever..........

    I have been reminded of God's faithfulness for two days now.  Yesterday while at home my nephew who is an awesome guy was showing us this video featuring Marcos Witt's 25 commemorative, its a christian video and God really spoke to me then and there.  The whole video was nice it wasn't until it got to the part where he starts singing a song that states that God has been faithful to him that even when his life was in turbulence he saw how faithful God was and how he carried him and how he is now where he is regardless of the situation.  I  literally started to hear him tell me I am faithful regardless of what your situation is or what you have done, I am still God.  My family was all there watching with us but I could feel how God was speaking to me directly and I could not hold my tears and a sense of joy that I had not felt in a long time.   I got me thinking of my life in general and of how bad I sometimes think it is but he tells me that he is there all I have to do is look up.
     Today when I went into work I turn up my classic 80g i-pod and there again a song that reminds me of Gods faithfulness.  I wondered why God keeps reminding me of his faithfulness and automatically the holy spirit directs and shows me why.  I could feel him telling me you have been so enclosed in all that is going around your needs your family needs that you fail to see what I am doing or you fail to trust in me.  Talking about a knot in my throat, I started thinking have I really lost the trust in God.  I think I have I relied on me and what I know I can do and stress over things that I have absolutely no control over.  I felt sad and shameful and asked  God for complete forgiveness because he is faithful and is bigger than my mountain.
     Today God has told me that he is the window that he will keep his promises and will make them pass in my life.  I have failed God, we all have but God is forever faithful.  If you too have failed to see his faithfulness in your life today I am here to remind you that...God is forever FAITHFUL!

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  1. Great reminder! It is so easy to get caught up with all that we have to do in our lives. What a relief it is to know that he can take our worries and stresses if we only trust in Him :)