Saturday, February 5, 2011

a chic way of representing.......

     Lately I have been in a mood to buy all kinds of cards, I guess it was Christmas that left me in this mood since I do love Christmas cards.  Cards are a chic way of representing yourself when you cannot be there to share a special day, they are a way to say you're in my thoughts and can also give a personal touch to that gift your bought on your way to the party because you simply didn't have time to get one.  While at Micheal's buying supplies to make cupcakes, I stumbled upon their $1 section which is filled with all kinds of stationary and supplies for office and home. 

I was surprised for how cheap these were and had bring them home with me. I thought I could use these as sympathy, thank yous and just because cards, because who doesn't like to receive a card on a non-holiday Day!

     This one in particular was sent to my friends to warm them up during these cold days!!!

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