Monday, February 7, 2011


     I have been coveting some rocker meets sophisticated shoes, ones that wont hurt the bank.  I have been looking at some Louboutins for a while but the price would leave me bankrupt, lets just say I don't want to spend that much money right now.  This weekend while the nation was watching the Superbowl I happened to be shopping and I accidently ran into these beauties. God really does answer my prayer when I wonder off at church thinking about shoes.

     They are the perfect color to add sophistication to the dangerous spikes that make the shoes seem classy meets edgy.   They are exactly what I was looking for without breaking the bank, they are Sam Edelman at Dillard's for $200.00.   I can't wait to take them out on a sushi night with the ladies.  What kind of shoes are you lusting????

PS.  If you like shopping alone shop during the superbowl, the mall was empty.

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